Making us proud

August 18, 2019, marked another Jersey show at the Kentucky State Fair. We feel very blessed to showcase our animals and be recognized for our breeding efforts alongside many other fine Jersey breeders. Some highlights included…

  • Premier Breeder
  • 1st Best three females
  • 1st Produce of dam
  • Excitation Edith, 1st place Senior 2-yr.-old cow
  • Harvard Molly, 1st place Aged cow
  • Edges Electra 7R, E-92%, 3rd Aged cow
  • Incentive Isabella, 3rd Milking yearling
  • Getaway Roxie, E-91%, 3rd Junior 3-yr.-old cow
  • Showdown Lindsay, E-93%, 2nd 5-yr.-old cow

Edges Electra 7R, E-92%

Another great appraisal

Rider Jerseys had their yearly appraisal on July 15. We are pleased to say we now average 87.8% on 75 head with 35 Excellent and 37 Very Good! Of that, we have seven animals who are now Excellent, all of which are homebred.